History of miniature cyclist figurines

Miniature cyclists were created in the 1930's. Especially in countries where cycling is some kind of a religion, as France, Belgium and Italy these miniature cyclists were extremely popular.

A long time before we had Playstation and expensive racing bikes, childs played with miniature cycling figures and a dice. The more eyes you threw, the closer you came to the finish. Sometimes the dice was replaced by marbles.

In the 1980's the interest in miniature racing cyclists was completely disappeared. But in 2014 the interest in handcrafted, handpainted miniature cyclist figures was totally back. Young and old love the miniature cyclists! Wonderfull jerseys of today's cycling heroes and those of the past.

Today miniature cycling figures are seen as an exclusive gadget. Although, in a nostalgic day, the Peloton team created a maquette. And we have to admit, it's still very pleasant to play the old miniature racing cyclists game! 

Geschiedenis Miniatuur Wielrenners