Our Cyclists

2 Types

We have 2 types in our range: Type K and Type N.
Both are made out of metal (zamac). They have the same dimensions: heigth 50mm x width 50mm.

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                Type K                           Type N


Both types can be painted. You can choose for one our standard cyclists, or for a custom cyclist.
There is a wide variety of standard cyclists: Tour de France, vintage, champions, … 

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      Example of a standard cyclist: Yellow jersey

If you choose for a customised cyclist, you have 2 options.
A cyclist + bike painted in the colours and with logo of your choice.
Or only personalize the cyclist. In that case, the bike is painted in standard aluminium colour.

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Custom: cyclist in the colours of your choice, bike in aluminium colour

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Custom: cyclist and bike in the colours of your choice


Our cyclists are carefully wrapped.
If you wish, you can add an optional gift box or gift bag.


                       Gift box in plastic                      Gift bag

Our cars

Make your choice out of our standard vehicles, or choose for a customised one.
Each model can be customised with the logo’s of your choice instead of the standard ones.

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              Standard car                       Custom car