1. Prices
All prices are in euros and VAT-included.

2. Availability of your order
2.1 If the articles of your order are out of stock, one of our representatives will contact you. They will inform you on the time of delivery.
2.2 If the articles of your order are on stock, the desired items are immediately available at our pickup point in Kardinaal Cardijnlaan 84, 8800 Roeselare (Belgium).
2.3 The delivery time of items that are out of stock can vary from 1 to 6 weeks.
2.4 Your order will only be sent to you after we have received full payment for it.

3. Pickup
3.1 Pick up your order is only possible in Tumulusstraat 70, 8800 Roeselare (Belgium).
3.2 Your order can be picked up at our pickup point Tumulusstraat 70, 8800 Roeselare (Belgium) without extra costs.

4. Delivery at home
4.1 Inside Belgium, your order will be delivered at a cost of 7,00 euros. We also ship to all EU-countries an non-EU countries. Below you will find the delivery costs per country.
- Belgium: 7,00 euro
- The Netherlands and Luxembourg: 9,50 euro
- France: 12,50 euro
- Germany: 10,50 euro
- Great-Britain: 13,50 euro
- Europa EU: 16,00 eur
- Europa Not EU: 33,00 euro
- North-America: 22,00 euro
- World: 36,00 euro
4.2 We will contact you as soon as your order is shipped, so you know more or less when delivery will take place.

5. Payment
Peloton offers you payment by bank transfer. After we received your payment we will send you a confirmation email. If we haven't received your payment after 7 calendar days, your order will automatically be cancelled. If you have questions concerning payment and delivery, don't hesitate to contact us. 

The customer has the right to inform Peloton to renounce the purchase, without having to pay a fine and without having to state the reasons, within 14 calender days following the delivery of the goods or the making of the deal. The renouncing cost has to be payed by the customer. We will refund the amount of the products (excl. transport cost). We will charge 15% renouncing cost. If customs charges are due by Peloton on import into Belgium, these charges will be deducted from the refundable amount. The customs charges are not part of the 15% renouncing cost. The customer cannot return goods after 14 days of receipt. Peloton will not refund goods returned after 14 days. If the customer refuses to accept the goods, the same return conditions apply.