Research & Development 

Continuous investment in sustainable product development

Product development is an important pillar in which we continuously invest. We are convinced that the development and improvement of our products are the basis for a long-term sustainable product range. By questioning ourselves and our products and asking ourselves what our customers want, we have developed the knowledge and skills over the years.

Research & Development

Continuous process

The development and improvement of our products never stands still. This is a continuous process. We are constantly looking for innovation, possible quality improvements, efficiency of production processes as well as existing and new technologies. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the appearance, the material, the packaging, ...


What does the customer want? What requirements does he place on our products? Everything starts here. We analyse our customers' wishes, and in this way we can respond to the new trends. A good relationship with our customer is very important to us. In this way we stay informed about which new products we can develop and how we can improve our current products.

Sustainable development

After researching customer requirements, prototypes of new products are developed. To this end, we work closely with technical designers, 3D printing companies and various production environments. After testing with the various partners, the product is brought into production and then commercialised.

Research & Development

Latest realisations

In response to market demand, it was decided to expand the range in 2020 with a completely new range of cyclists: a contemporary rider with helmet, a rider in position winner and a female rider. These are available in various versions: standard, bike painted or not, custom-made, ...

In addition, these products are also added: policemen on motorbikes, journalists on motorbikes and fences in 2 different versions. For the coming years, we plan several expansions to make the range as complete as possible.