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Our miniature racing cyclists

Handpainted miniature cyclist with Kelme jersey.

-Completely produced out of metal: bike + cyclist
-Dimensions: height 50mm x width 50mm
-Weight: 23 grams

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Roberto Heras

The Kelme cycling team was a team that rode with a Spanish license. From 1980 until 2006 the team was part of the cycling peloton. The team was not just an average one. The team excelled because of the attacking way of racing. Each time they tried to have a man in the breakaway. In the top years Kelme always participated in the 3 major tours: the Tour de France, the Giro and the Vuelta.

The sponsor Kelme is a Spanish shoe and sportswear producer. Kelme manufactures shoes and clothing for various sports:
basketball, futsal, jogging, tennis, football, ... The head office is located in Elche (Alicante). The brand is also active on other continents such as the United States.

Most of the riders who ever rode for Kelme were Spaniards. But the team also had a lot of Colombians.

The best known Spaniards: Aitor González Jiménez (1999-2002), Alejandro Valverde (2002-2004), Álvaro Pino (1991), Angel Edo (1992-1999), Ángel Vicioso (1999-2002), Constantino Zaballa (2001-2003), Eduardo Chozas (1988), Fernando Escartín (1996-2000), Iñaki Gastón (1988-1989), Javier Otxoa (1997-2001), José Luis Rubiera (1994-2000), Marcos Serrano (1993-1998), Miguel Ángel Martín Perdiguero (1997-1998), Óscar Sevilla (1998-2003), Ricardo Otxoa (2000-2001), Roberto Heras (1995-2000), Santiago Pérez (2002), Santos Gonzalez (1995-1998) and Vicente Belda (1980-1988).

The best-known Colombians are Fabio Parra (1988-1990), Hernán Buenahora (1991-1997), José Jaime Gonzalez (1995-1999), Oliverio Rincón (1991-1992) and Santiago Botero (1997-2002).

The Dutchman Roy Schuiten was also part of the team in 1982.

The biggest fame came in the year 2000. Then Roberto Heras became the overall winner of the Tour of Spain. Twice a Kelme driver stood on the podium in the Tour de France: Fabio Parra in 1988 and Fernando Escartín in 1999.

Unfortunately the team didn't always have an easy time benauwend of financial problems. As a result, the better riders left the team. In 2003 Kelme even stopped as the main sponsor. In 2005 the Kelme brand disappeared from the cycling clothing. The new sponsor since 2005 was Comunidad Valenciana. This is the tourist office of the Valencia region in Spain. In 2006 Comunidad Valenciana would participate in the Tour de France. But then 9 of the 20 riders of the team were tested positive on doping. The team was therefore excluded from the Tour. This was the end of the team.

1980-1981 Kelme-Gios
1982-1982 Kelme-Merckx
1983-1984 Kelme
1985-1985 Kelme-Merckx
1986-1989 Kelme
1990-1991 Kelme-Ibexpress
1992-1992 Kelme-Don Cafe
1993-1993 Kelme-Xacobeo
1994-1994 Kelme-Avianca-Gios
1995-1995 Kelme-Sureña
1996-1996 Kelme-Artiach
1997-2003 Kelme-Costa Blanca-Eurosport
2004-2004 Comunidad Valenciana-Kelme
2005-2005 Comunidad Valenciana-Elche
2006-2006 Comunidad Valenciana

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