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Gitane-Campagnolo K-W - miniature cyclists


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miniature cyclists

Handpainted miniature cyclist with Gitane-Campagnolo jersey.

-Completely produced out of metal: bike + cyclist
-Dimensions: height 50mm x width 50mm
-Weight: 23 grams

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ColourMulti color
Weight26 g
PaintedCyclist + Wheels

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Bernard Hinault

Gitane is a French producer of bicycles. The company has its headquarters in Machecoul (Loire-Atlantique), and belongs to the Cycleurope group.
The translation of Gitane is gypsy woman.

In 1923 Marcel Brunelière (1893-1973) starts a forge and agricultural repair shop in Machecoul. He made bicycle parts and assembled bicycles for other brands. Seven years later, in 1930, he started his own line, bicycles of the brand Gitane. From 1953 he also produced motorcycles.
In 1976 Renault took over the company. In 1985 Gitane was sold again. In 1992 it went together with Cycles Peugeot and the Spanish BH, forming the Cycleurope group.

Gitane is known in cycling for the many years of sponsoring and co-sponsoring of French and foreign cycling teams.

The most famous cyclists sponsored by a Gitane team:
-Bernard Hinault (1975-1983)
-Greg LeMond (1981-1984)
-Jacques Anquetil (1963-1965)
-Jean Stablinski (1953-1955 and 1963-1965)
-Joop Zoetemelk (1973)
-Laurent Fignon (1982-1988)
-Lucien van Impe (1974-1976)
-Rudi Altig (1960-1964)
-Lucien Aimar
-Jacques Anquetil
-André Darrigade
-Roger Walkowiak
-Rik Van Looy
-Tom Simpson
-Jo de Haan
-Gerben Karstens

Sponsor and co-sponsorships:
1947-1947 Gitane
1948-1948 Gitane-Stella
1949-1956 Gitane-Hutchinson's
1957-1957 Gitane
1960-1961 Rapha-Gitane-Dunlop
1962-1962 Rapha-Gitane-Dunlop / Gitane-Leroux-Dunlop-R. Geminiani
1963-1963 Saint Raphäel-Gitane-R. Geminiani
1964-1964 Saint Raphäel-Gitane-Dunlop
1965-1965 Beers 33-Gitane
1966-1966 Ford France-Gitane
1967-1967 Beers 33-Gitane (in Paris-Nice)
1969-1969 Gitane-Pampril
1970-1972 Gitane
1972-1972 Siriki-Munck-Gitane
1973-1973 Siriki-Munck-Gitane-Beck's / Gitane-Frigécrème
1974-1974 Munck-Beck's / Sonolor-Gitane
1975-1977 Gitane-Compagnolo
1976-1981 Gitane (1980 + Hamilton)
1978-1980 Renault-Gitane
1981-1985 Renault Eleven
1983-1983 Eorex-Magniflex
1984-1984 Newsweek Int.-Morlands-Gitane-Gibbsport
1986-1988 System U
1989-1989 Gitane-Mavic /Alumetal-Hutchinson-Gitane
1992-1992 R.M.O.-Onet
1997-2001 La Française des Jeux
2002-2004 Big Mat-Auber 93

Most beautiful victories:
Bernard Hinault: Giro in 1980, 1982
Bernard Hinault: Tour de France in 1978, 1979, 1981, 1982
Bernard Hinault: Vuelta in 1978, 1983
Bernard Hinault: World Championship in 1980
Greg LeMond: World Championship in 1983
Jacques Anquetil: Giro in 1964
Jacques Anquetil: Tour de France in 1963, 1964
Jacques Anquetil: Vuelta in 1963
Laurent Fignon: Tour de France in 1983
Lucien Aimar: Tour de France in 1966
Lucien van Impe: Tour de France in 1976
Rudi Altig: Vuelta in 1962

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