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Our miniature cyclist figurines

Handpainted miniature cyclist with Belgian champion jersey.

-Completely produced out of metal: bike + cyclist
-Dimensions: height 50mm x width 50mm
-Weight: 23 grams

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The championship of Belgium is an annual cycling race where the riders try to win the national title. The championship is organized in different categories. The winner, the champion of Belgium, may wear the Belgian tricolore jersey throughout the year during the races of the respective category.

There are several categories, but the one with the longest and most beautiful list of winners is that of the men elite. To be able to participate in this race there are 3 conditions. Only riders with the Belgian nationality, who are at least 23 years old, and who are a member of a professional cycling team are allowed to ride most of the races. Until 1995 this race for the national title was known as the Belgian Championship for Pros. After that it was renamed to men's elite with contract.

The Belgian Road Championship has been ridden for more than 100 years. The very first winner in 1894 was Léon Houa.

The rider with the most victories is Tom Steels. He became Belgian Champion 4 times. Stijn Devolder and Rik Van Steenbergen each won 3 times. A list of others including Roger De Vlaeminck, Johan Museeuw, Rik Van Looy, Tom Boonen, Wilfried Nelissen, Walter Godefroot, Philippe Gilbert and Michel Pollentier managed to win the race 2 times. The oldest Belgian champion was Niko Eeckhout. In 2006 he won in Antwerp at the age of 37.

The list of winners:
1894 Léon Houa
1895 Henri Luyten
1896 Henri Luyten
1897 Henri Bertrand
1898 Henri Bertrand
1899 Gustaaf Degeetere
1900 Mathieu Quoidbach
1901 Paul Burger
1902 Jules Defrance
1903 Arthur Vanderstuyft
1904 Jules Sales
1905 Dieudonné Jamar
1906 werd niet georganiseerd
1907 François Verstraeten
1908 François Verstraeten
1909 Cyrille Van Hauwaert
1910 Henri Hanlet
1911 Odiel Defraeye
1912 Omer Verschoore
1913 Joseph Van Daele
1914 Victor Dethier
1915 werd niet georganiseerd
1916 werd niet georganiseerd
1917 werd niet georganiseerd
1918 werd niet georganiseerd
1919 Jean Rossius
1920 Jules Vanhevel
1921 Jules Vanhevel
1922 René Vermandel
1923 Félix Sellier
1924 René Vermandel
1925 Gerard Debaets
1926 Félix Sellier
1927 August Mortelmans
1928 Jef Dervaes
1929 Joseph Wauters
1930 Joseph Wauters
1931 Alfons Schepers
1932 Georges Lemaire
1933 Louis Duerloo
1934 Louis Roels
1935 Gustave Danneels
1936 Jean Aerts
1937 Karel Kaers
1938 Petrus Van Teemsche
1939 Marcel Kint
1940 Odiel Van Den Meersschaut
1941 André Defoort
1942 André Maelbrancke
1943 Rik Van Steenbergen
1944 werd niet georganiseerd
1945 Rik Van Steenbergen
1946 Emile Masson
1947 Emile Masson
1948 Achiel Buysse
1949 Valère Ollivier
1950 Albert Ramon
1951 Lode Anthonis
1952 Jef Schils
1953 Alois Van Steenkiste
1954 Rik Van Steenbergen
1955 Emiel Van Cauter
1956 André Vlayen
1957 André Vlayen
1958 Rik Van Looy
1959 Piet Oellibrandt
1960 Frans De Mulder
1961 Michel Van Aerde
1962 Jef Planckaert
1963 Rik Van Looy
1964 Ward Sels
1965 Walter Godefroot
1966 Guido Reybrouck
1967 Jos Boons
1968 Julien Stevens
1969 Roger De Vlaeminck
1970 Eddy Merckx
1971 Herman Van Springel
1972 Walter Godefroot
1973 Frans Verbeeck
1974 Roger Swerts
1975 Willy Teirlinck
1976 Freddy Maertens
1977 Michel Pollentier
1978 Michel Pollentier
1979 Géry Verlinden
1980 Jos Jacobs
1981 Roger De Vlaeminck
1982 Frank Hoste
1983 Lucien Van Impe
1984 Eric Vanderaerden
1985 Paul Haghedooren
1986 Marc Sergeant
1987 Ferdi Van Den Haute
1988 Etienne De Wilde
1989 Carlo Bomans
1990 Claude Criquielion
1991 Benjamin Van Itterbeeck
1992 Johan Museeuw
1993 Alain Van Den Bossche
1994 Wilfried Nelissen
1995 Wilfried Nelissen
1996 Johan Museeuw
1997 Tom Steels
1998 Tom Steels
1999 Ludo Dierckxsens
2000 Axel Merckx
2001 Ludovic Capelle
2002 Tom Steels
2003 Geert Omloop
2004 Tom Steels
2005 Serge Baguet
2006 Niko Eeckhout
2007 Stijn Devolder
2008 Jürgen Roelandts
2009 Tom Boonen
2010 Stijn Devolder
2011 Philippe Gilbert
2012 Tom Boonen
2013 Stijn Devolder
2014 Jens Debusschere
2015 Preben Van Hecke
2016 Philippe Gilbert
2017 Oliver Naesen
2018 Yves Lampaert

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