AG2R 2020 HD-W - miniature cycling figures


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Our miniature cycling figures

Miniature cyclist with AG2R 2020 jersey.
All our miniature cyclists are hand painted.

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TypeHD (Full 3D)
ColourMulti color
MaterialWhite metal
PaintedCyclist + Wheels

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This revolutionary type is unique on the market. The clothing and helmet are contemporary. Moreover, this is a very advanced model thanks to its realistic physique, completely true in 3D.

- Contemporary helmet
- Contemporary clothing and shoes
- Modern bicycle
- Very detailed
- Truthful model in 3D: the legs are completely separate from the bike
- Athletic physique
- Hand painted
- Completely produced out of high quality metal: bicycle and cyclist
- Dimensions: height 50mm x width 50mm
- Weight: 27 grams

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Ag2r-La Mondiale is a French cycling team. Its title sponsors are the Ag2r Group, which is a French-based interprofessional insurance and supplementary retirement fund group, and the La Mondiale Group, which is a French-based international group for supplementary pension and estate planning insurance.

miniature cycling figures